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Marine Brokers

It is our Mission to become a leader in the boat brokering market through the building of long-lasting professional relationships that go beyond the sale.

Why Ahoy! Marine Specialist?

With a combined 20+ years experience in the service industry we come together to understand the importance of relationships in business.  We strive to be the company that is BEST for the job based on our integrity, ethics, and reputation for being an honest, reliable and trustworthy company.

With Ahoy! Marine Specialist you can have many of your routine non-mechanical services completed in a timely fashion at a comparable rate.  In addition, when it comes to transporting your pride and joy - we are licensed to transport in all of the continental U.S.

Natives to the Great Lakes, we appreciate the lake waters gentleness on the vessels and want to promote that attribute to boat seekers in the areas that have to maintain vessels emerged in salt-water.

How will we go beyond the sale?

The traditional boat broker does not offer sales or services above the vessel itself.  Purchasing a boat is a big decision and it is not one that is repeated multiple years in a row.  We recognized that there is a gap of time between purchases that the relationship can be lost.  In order to maintain a relationship with the customer that will last over the 3 – 20 year gap in between purchases we had to go beyond the sale.

We plan to go beyond the sale by offering a wide variety of marine sales and services in addition to the vessels that we broker.  Some of the services that we offer include:

  • Marine Transporting (By Land or Sea)
  • Color Restoration and Cleaning
  • Custom Sound Systems
  • Custom Interiors
  • Bottom Painting
  • Marine Electronics
  • And more….

Marine Transporting……?

With a combined 18+ years of commercial truck driving that include the transporting of marine vessels we understand the importance of safety and regulations in transporting.  The size of the vessel does not matter; we treat each vessel as if it is our own prized possession.  We will make sure that your prize possession reaches its planned destination in the safest, timeliest manner possible.

  •        DOT registered
  •      Able to transport in ALL of the Continental United States
  •        Licensed
  •        Insured
  •        Permits Attained prior to transport
  •       Professional Drivers with A+ DOT ratings
Contact Information

There are many services that we offer including transporting, brokering, and more.  Please take a few minutes to complete this contact form and we will contact you as soon as possible.  We look forward to doing business with you!

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Ph:  (586) 741-5376

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